the last 3 weeks have been nothing but a blur of a great time.more than it is possbile for me to articulate
…. i met a kardashian, the warriors are in the play off finals. and i am more in love than ever.
however.. due to, lets call them administrative issues i have had to leave the love of my life and san francisco and take care of some tings over the border.   but i will be back of course,,  my heart is there … and half my wardrobe
cue my colombian born , toronto living loving friend sarah. i love her .   we met in the colombian  jungle a few years ago and here i am staying with her for a minute…. she lives downtown, in the village , by what i can see it is the castro of toronto….. fucking sweet….  . …. thats the abridged version…. i went to sebastians favourite restuarnt in manhatten enroute to toronto …. village yokocho… tuna salad and octopus sashimi… it was fucking delicous..
i was so distraught saying goodbye to sebastian at SFO that while having a glass of wine at the gate amd trying to get my shit together that the 70 year old hippy woman next to me gave me a hug and a Xanax and i woke up in la guardia..so every cloud etc……

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