my mum came to visit

friday night my mum arrived.she told me tuesday that she got a good deal on flight from my auntie maria on BA concessions.   awesome. what a great surprise. i have all this weekend booked off work .. because we were going to go to the mutek thing in san fran so we can easily sack that off to spend the weekend with my mum. what serenpidous timing.

OH YEAH.  i lived to die another day . i had my dentist appointment moved to yesterday morning…. and then denist decided to that my last wisdom tooth needed to come out so they were going to put me under a general anthestic  … apart from the fact that they had to give me enough anesthic for 3 people and i still wastn fully asleep. i have a high tolerence …. to most things.    as a side note my dentist is from medellin… i cant escape that city i love it.

so yesterday after i felt the better after the dentist and seb finished work. the 3 of us went to high tops. which is a sports bar in the castro. so that i could have someone to chill for minute, seb could watch the cavaliers game and my mum could people watch. we had margaritas.     then went to oprhan andys diner round the corner for dinner. they had cheeseburgers. i had mash potato and scrambled eggs.   actually mine was spot on im not complaining. a few days of non solid food is not going to do my waist line any harm.    except i want to take my mum to dottys true blue cafe this morning… i want mashed up pancakes with fuck loads of syrup … . . .  TONIGHT we are going to tartine manufactory for dinner . its the fancy french place a few blocks from where we live that seb and i have been wanting an excuse to go to .    id probably already given the menu a good 25 minutes of my time over the last few weeks and even if i could eat properly i would still order the steak tartae. am i the only person who does that … there are a load of resturants round here that if i had to go there right now i could order one thing delicous without needing a menu. i decide what i would hypothetically have and disregard the rest. in menu’s as in life.

the waiter in orhan andys…. me and my boyfriend went to london…. oh yeah.   we went to a bar there but i cant remember the name…. … i think that was a true story

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