the whole tooth

They say that no news is good news which is why I am saying that I haven’t written anything for a while because life has been beautiful and everything has been ticking by without incident and that is true but eberything has still been hilarious and note worthy so it’s more to do with yhe cable to the laptop being broken and the new one has only just arrived. Because I have really wanted to write. Everything is fucking hilarious here.. Americans are fucking mental. All of them. The crazy people are fucking psychopaths buttttt with that said still most of the people in San Fran are fucking soft you know.fluffy. Apart from the gays in the Castro who are actually bad ass. But everyone else had that whiney bull shit tone to their voice …. You knowwwwwwww (add upward inflection) For me that’s where it’s at in SF . Plus the electronic music scene is more than decent.

Oh big news. Tomorrow I will die in a clinic on mission street by the hand of my dentista de el barrio. .my actual worst nightmare of needing medical treatment in the united states has come true. I have to have a tooth taken out at the dentist. If I could wait until I was back in Colombia I would but I need this shit dealt with yesterday. I’ve hardly slept for 3 days and it’s be.IT FUCKING HURTS. So tomorrow I’ll have it ripped from my face. All for the low low price of a thousand dollars. Sebastian can’t wait.





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