idle hands are the devils playpen

at the roxie theatre in mission on 16th they showed the film idle hands….    you know when you see a film twenty years ago and then watch it again and its terrible. this was the opposite of that it… it was sooooo good. that film is fucking hilarious. and before they had a compare which was a dude in a  cape and a weird witches mask… but the best part was the 3 drag acts before the film… the last and best one being two queens battling with a dildo that had come to life.  …..   before we went to the tooth that is opposite my work… on wednesday they have twenty five cent wings …..   they were decent….      the place was fucking packed.


for the last 2 weeks i feel like i have been living in a little bubble of domestic bliss…. in a place where i have just turned up to but now i feel that at least some people know that i existed here too …..  but mostly why it has been bliss is that i have never in my life enjoyed getting up to go to work, to enjoy my tea, my lunch, my afternoon at work because i know i am going to have a great evening and that i get to do it all again tomorrow. i thought that i would be bored but its far from it . and i have realised if i dont write almost everyday then i cant keep up….


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