sunday morning tuesday vibes

sunday is my tuesday , but with sunday morning vibes….  basically im hungover but i still have to go to work.

listening to cardiiiiiiiii b………………….now i like dollars, i like diamonds, i like stunting,i like shiney, i like million dollar deals, where’s my pen, bitch im signing

i wasnt even going to mention it but yesterday i was walking to work and i get to the corner of 20th and mission . and as i am waiting to cross the road a girl looks me right in the eye and says .. no one cares what the fuck you think you ugly cunt ….   oh shit , shes talking to me …..okay….  i mean i already knew that but still.    but maybe i  needed that.   maybe we all do . because i actually feel like that most of the time but when i heard that out loud. like . fuck you. im doing alright…..   was she even at that corner…. OMG …… imagine. like ive already become one of them.  like animal farm. but she was the pig and now i am her…. i dont know. but …   i made spinach , brocolli and courgette soup ( i was going to write green soup because i cant spell any of those vegetables …)  and when i  got up to make my detox tea shit im drinking for the next 7 days  …. i thought about her and the so the rest of that soup i am have put in some pots and on my work i am gong to give it some people who may want it.    we went to f8 on folsom on wednesday night. .that club basically has the sickest dj’s because people play there then enroute to their big gig in LA at the weekend… this week they had jamaica suk… she is extra cool.  and last night we went to the 500 club after work with sebastian… and my work colleague…. ha .. the cool guy i work with. … i work with 2 other people. one of them is cool. one of them is not.  then we almost made it home but went to the bar across the street from our house … apartment …. and they had a wedding reception in there…. on retrospect…. what a place to have a wedding party ,,,,i cant call it a reception because there were no snacks…… but for some reason i thought the most apropriate thing was to buy the diamonte clad bride a shock of vodka. fine. seb and i had some more beers. laughed lots.jameson. went home. i remembered that d m’s i had bought had arrived….. i am sure lacing them is going to make me late for work.

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