Mexican old lady boob

My daily life at the moment is pretty wonderful at the moment. I work Saturday through Wednesday at a second hand clothes shop which is a 12 minute walk from the apartment I live in…. I start at 11 so most mornings we get to smoke a joint and have a coffee on our roof terrace together … what a great way to start the day    …… And i get my lunch or at least a juice or a coffee from a tiny place on mission street called little slice of heaven….. they are super nice there and they give me a neighborhood discount ….


San Francisco has been excellent to me so far…. BUT
After a month of being here , the dense population of homeless people …the pandemic of homeless people with obvious mental health problems combined with problems with either drugs and alcohol is so overwhelming that I can’t ignore it.     I have a preferred route to work that I walk so I pass the least amount of tents and trolleys on the street. Not so I can try to ignore but just for my own safety.
I have joked before that there are so many fucking crazy people in this city. But on closer inspection there are too many very sick people in this city …   Which is starting to leave me with a sense of indifference to people individually because the problem is so overwhelming.
I guess it starts at home. Be kind and respectful to each other and take it from there.

On a lighter note an old Mexican woman came into the store this morning and tried on a dress over here top. She couldn’t get it back over her head so she asked a girl to help her. But her top was obviously caught up which then caused her boob to be fully exposed and flapping around for a good 8 seconds .  …  For her sake I am pleased I was the only who saw. For my sake, mexican old lady boob was not how I thought I would start my day….


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