December 15 2017 (why i am here …. )

finding myself with 5 days to kill in san francisco after 2 months trimming weed in NorCal. I book myself into a hostel in downtown san fran where i meet some austrilian guys who i tag along with for the night. we go to a club called F8 , which i now know is on folsom. every wednesday – housepitaily. …  this is where i met sebastian. he is a colombian living in san fran for the last few months after moving here from brooklyn. he is a wonderful photographer, he is hilarious and smart and kind and definetly the most beautiful man i have ever laid eyes on . from the second i remember seeing him i knew we would be together.  after 5 days together, i had my flight back to medellin.  there my plan was to start a small business with a friend of mine renting bicycles to tourists.  I LOVE MEDELLIN. it is my favourite place in the world. i had found somewhere i felt that i wanted to call home. i go back home to medellin but after 2 days of being back i realised that i needed to be with sebastian. and it was as simply as that. so skip forward to 2 weeks of partying in medellin up to christmas and new year , followed by 3 weeks in the UK to see my family and friends.  …. followed by a few weeks defrosting on the colombian beach with my friends up there  ……..       then just an easy 3 flights from santa marta, bogota, mexico city to tijuana a 5 hour bus journey to LA where seb meets me and its done , im back with the man of my dreams less that 3 months later……   incredible ,,,,    without a doubt the best decision i ever made.

and that brings us up to date more of less…. ….. ..



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